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Recent developments in Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) technology now provide the ability to collect vast amounts of accurate data in situations that may have been impossible or dangerous in the past. MLS systems can now be employed on cars to capture road information at high speeds, busy intersections that would otherwise have been too dangerous and on trains to survey rail tracks and ancillary services such as power cables.

Following these developments, it is now possible to mount a MLS onto vessels along with a Multibean system and carry out survey in previously impossible to reach areas such as:

  • Under bridges,
  • Along wharf faces
  • Break waters
  • Dam faces

Combining the MLS 3D point cloud information and the Multibeam 3D point cloud gives an unmatched view on infrastructure.

Some of the applications for this combined data include:

  • 3D models to create a visual data base and a bench mark to work from when planning to add more resources such as piping and power lines.
  • Monitoring aging bridges and other infrastructure so maintenance plans can be put in place

Please see the MLS gallery for more images

Multibeam & Mobile Laser Data Combined 2Multibeam 3D Laser Scanning Data 2